Tube Power Supply

I'm proud to present you the new version of my tube power supply. It's smaller, doesn't overshoot, produces less heat and has a digital display !
The schematic is the same I found on the internet, since I still lack the knowledge to design on by myself and literature to learn how to do it is so hard to find, I don't have any. I left away the part for the negative voltage and exchanged the gas discharge stabilizers with six 47/5W zener diodes. The rectifiers are now 20A 800V bridges.
Since I'm not using a rectifier tube anymore, I use the free 5V winding to power the display and the Atmega8 via a delon doubbler and some voltage regulators. One 6.3V winding heats the EF80 regulator and a separate 27V transformer heats the three PL500 power tubes. On the front panel a 6.3V 6A output is present, aslong of course with the 30-400V output. Because the power supply is floating, a earth jack on the front panel is present if there's the need to earth the circuit. I have no indicator led, because I use the display back light for that.
The overshoot problem was solved with a IGBT in series with the output, which closes after a timer is over after switching the PSU on. Doing so there is no overshoot while switching on. When the unit is switched of, so is the IGBT and the voltage can't rise while the unit is beeing switched of. Therefore the powered circuit is protected. 
To prevent arcs on the boards, I used the Dremel to cut away the copper rings on them. In some parts of the regulator board, there're voltages potentials up to 800V ! Negative reference voltage and main voltage are present there too.


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