EL34 PP-Amp

This untill now, is the project I spend the most time working on. There's still a little hum on one of the channels and i can't make it disappear. I checked everything I could think of, I even rebuild the whole amp, but nothing. Nonetheless it's my biggest and best project I made. The chassis looks really great. I had it build by a German company. The inner part looks great to. I paid a lot of attention that it looks good.

I bought the parts exclusively from German shops. I think they have the best quality at a reasonable price. The power transformer and  the output transformers are working very good. Many may think they were expensive, but they weren't. Same for the coupling capacitors and the tubes. Some parts were already at hand in my electronic inventory.
Four EY500A work rectifier for the anode voltage and two EAA91 for the negative voltage at the control grid of the output tubes. Those are four EL34 in PushPull Mode, Class AB1. As preamplifier, I'm using two 6N8S per channel.
I googled the relevant datasheets and linked them here, because I don't own them.

The sound is awesome. If the music is loud enough, the hum can't be heard. So it's still usable, while waiting to be revised again ^^.  The amp has a great performance on all frequencies between 10Hz and 22kHz.
I calculated everything, therefor it's my first amp completely designed by myself :D.


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