ECC88 Headphone amplifier

This headphone amp is based on the same schematic, as the first one. The biggest change is that I added a EM83 to display audio levels. Also its quite a bit smaller than the first amp.

It still uses a rectifier tube, a EZ80, and a choke filter. Except the EZ80, all tubes are heated with DC, to minimize hum in the audio signal, which btw is almost not present. You'll need to listen really carefully and have low impedance headphones.

Unfortunately the EM83 only display the audio level from one channel. The reason for that is, that the rectified audio signal directly applied to the EM83 control grid, doesn't drive the display at all or only at high amplitudes a little bit, which then is way too loud and completely distorted. So I had to use one of the triodes driving the display as a pre amp. Now only one channel gets displayed, but its works as it should. 


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