ECC88 Headphone amplifier

A couple of months ago I bought myself new headphones. Not just some crappy ones, but some headphones with a decent sound quality. The problem was, I wasn’t happy at all with the sound quality of my PC or more precise the sound card. Sure, it is better than the motherboard chip, but still not good enough.
After finishing my EL34 PP amp, I brought my CD player into my room. So the only rational solution was to build a headphone amp that can be connected to the CD player.         
I had built one before, but that one was a fail and I took it apart again, to reuse the parts. I found the schematic in a book and it is not designed by me, so all the credits go to the respective creator.
It works perfectly with my headphones. The sound is again some steps ahead of the one from the 2A3 amp. It’s simply beautiful.


The rectifier is a EZ81, the preamp is a ECC88 and the final stage is occupied by Russian ECC88.

Note the distance between the power supply and the actual amplifying part and the inside mounted power transformer. With these measures, hum is kept very low. Also thanks the the 10H choke near the transformer. The heating is of course highly filtered DC.


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