2A3 SE-Amp

At the beginning of this school-year, my class was told in Electronics to select a project we like and then we should build it.

Along with two other students I choose to build an tube amp with ca 5W, stereo. Considering the price for the output transformers and the price for the tubes themselves, we decided to build one with the 2A3. It's the pendant to the German AD1 and RE604, witch cost much more than they are worth.


The schematic was designed fast, and then the parts were ordered. The output transformers are from Wüstens, and they have a superb quality! For the power transformer you can buy any that is made for a 2A3 amplifier.
Because I have more knowledge and possibility to build an amp, I have already finished mine.
It has two EF9 as preamps, then the 2A3 tubes from China, two EY81 as full wave rectifier for the plate voltage and two EAA91 for the grid bias, as a Greatz rectifier.
I was a bit in fear of building this amp, since the one with the EL34 made me a lot of problems, but nothing. It worked straight away :).

I googled the relevant datasheets and linked them here, because I don't own them.


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