Short wave Radio

After months not seeing anything else than electron tubes and also always the same amplifier, I got bored and I had to take a break from working with tubes.
I thinking back at the time were I used to build short wave radios and how I liked them. Of course I thought of building one with tubes, but I was really sick of them at this time. So I decided to go back to my roots and build one with semiconductors.
I found a really nice and easy to build schematic on the internet using two BC556 and a LM386 as audio amplifier.
Luckily I have plenty variable capacitors left, those made of metal, not the crappy plastik one's. I bought a tiny aluminum case for the radio.

During the nighttime I'm able to hear a lot of different radio stations from all around the world:

Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian etc.

I googled the relevant datasheets and linked them here, because I don't own them.


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