VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard

After I spilled tea on my Cherry MX3.0 blue switch keyboard, I looked for a cheap mechanical keyboard to get, since I was short on money.

After a quick search on Amazon I found the VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard with blue switches for 30€!! Unbelivable. Such a low price for a mechanical keyboard ? Even for a Chinese one I thought that was too cheap and they skimped on the materials. 
But I was prooved wrong. The top of the keyboard is made of metal, so it doesn't bend and stays in place while thiping. The keys have the same feeling as the Cherry blue switches. I can't say if they last as long. I switched keyboards again a couple of months later. They keycaps look fine to me. The get dirty a bit easy. Thats the only critique I have. 
For those who don't use a large mouspad, the keyboard has rubber feet that you can flip out and rubber pads on the bottom, so it doesn't slide around on the table.
There are no extra function keys whatsoever. But there is a FN key that enables secondary functions with the F keys. Also there is no numpad. One of the reasons I changed keyboard. 
The keyboard is just as good for gaming as it is for work and internet surfing. I used it to play Fallout 4, Borderlands 2, Robocraft and Portal 2 on it. Never had problems. I also did some C-programming with it, no problems there either.
I did write that text on the VicTsing keyboard ;)


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