Leshp Mechanical Keyboard with Red Backlight

After I bought the K70 Lux with blue switches and red backlight, I wanted to have a mechanical keyboard with blues witches and red backlight at my home town too. Writing and gaming on one is so much better and the backlight makes it easy to use when it's dark. I want the backlight there to be either white or red. I choose red.
I dindn't want to spend 120€ again so I look on Banggood an Amazon for a cheaper alternative. Those on Banggood come with a QWERTY keyset but I wanted one with QWERTZ so I had to get one of Amazon.de . Pritty much the only one that didn't look like shit and had blues switches plus red backlight was the Leshp mechanical keyboard.
As a test I wrote this text with the K70 Lux, the VicTsing and the Leshp keyboard.

The Leshp keyboard has a strange keylayout with a small Enter-key and the #-key was moved. It might seem to be a problem first, but after knowing were the keys are, I had no problem to adapt. The keys are much louder than the ones on the K70 Lux and VicTsing. Each key on the Leshp is individually lit. You can change lightpatterns from a steady light to a breathing light using the FN+ESC key and you can change brightness and breathing speed using FN+ arrow keys. Though the leds cant be set quite bright on the Leshp. The K70 Lux is much brighter. Plus the entire Leshp keyboard is made out of platic. Wereas the K70 Lux and VicTsing have a metal top plate. Therefor the Leshp does bend a bit, but not much that it would become a problem. 
It also has some kind of armrest, which is better than nothing. The cable is sleeved which I do like, because it looks better and is more durable.

For those who don't use a large mouspad, the keyboard has rubber feet that you can flip out and rubber pads on the bottom, so it doesn't slide around on the table.
Obviosly I can't tell you if the keys last long and if the keycaps are ok, because I just got the keyboard. Only time will tell. 
But I do like the price of 37€ very much. For a mechanical keyboard with blue switches and red backlight, this is a good deal.



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