K70 Lux Blue Switches

When my R9 290 broke due to a really shitty cooling system for the V-ram, I decided it was time for a entire new computer, including a keyboard. At the time I had the VicTsing keyboard with blue switches. But it dindn't have a numpad and also no separate media buttons. Also there was no backlight and a pass through USB port.
There I had the stuff I wanated to have my next keyboard to have. I looked for a mechnaical keyboard with MX Blue that had those above mentioned aspects. I choose a red backlight on purpose. RGB is just plain stupid in my eys and adds just a lot of cost to the keyboard and I don't need the feel like I'm on LSD when I look at the keyboard, while working or gaming.
After searching some time I found the K70 Lux with blue switches and red backlight. The perfect keyboard for me. It has a very good build quality with a nice metal front plate. It doesn' bend at all. The cable is thick and sleeved with two USB connectors at the end, for the USB pass through and the keyboard itself. The keys feel very nice and don't wear out. I use this keyboard almost daily since I bought it. With the keyboard also came some keycaps to change, to give it a more gaming like look. The volume weel is a very nice touch to the keyboard, which I use quite often like the USB pass through, if I don't need to transfer a lot of data. 
Despite the keyboard having all these fancy light effects, I have the leds just switched on, on variable brightnes, most times on medium, because thats bright enough. Not like the max setting on the Lesho keyboard.


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