I now wrote some stuff for my website on those three keyboards and also looked at therit build quality and their features. I now pick a winner altough it is kinda clear which keyboard wins.

The VicTsing has a superior build quality comapred to the Leshp and a infirior one to the K70 Lux, due to the metal plate in the front. A minus point is the non sleeved cable, the missing of a numpad. The keys also feel worse compared to the other two keyboards and they get worse pretty fast They loose there clikiness they had at the beginning. There is no arm rest at all.


The Leshp keyboard has the worst build quality. There is no metal front or back plate. But it has a backlight, a sleeved cable and a numpad. To bad the enter and # keys are shit. Also the backlight is quite dimm but it has at least some kind of arm rest. The keys will wear out pretty fast. Not that they don't feel like blue switches anymore, but they'll loose most of theyre clickiness.


Now to the obvious winner, the K70 Lux. The keys are better than from both of them. Those from the VicTsing and the Leshp feel more clicky at the beginning but get worse over time. I used the VicTsing for around three months and the clickyness is gone and they feel much worse now, though they did feel better in the beginning. Same thing will happen to the Leshp. So the Cherry MX Blue switches are worth the money you pay. The backlight is also much better, much brighter and there are more effects for the backlight. The cable is sleedved as well and there is a USB pass through, so you have a USB port on your keyboard. I very much like the dedicated media buttons, especially the weel to change the volume. A big bonus is the included arm rest!




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