What I think about PC components

Here you can read about the PC components I own and what I think about them. There will be reviews of cases, mouses, keyboards etc.
Please don't forget that this reviews are all very subjectiv. You may not like what I think about a certain product. So try to keep an open mind ;)

On the left is my no longer existing R9 290 from Power Color, when I bought it for 200€ somewhere in 2015. The failure was overheated V-Ram due to very poor cooling. Some aluminium pieces were glued to the chips.
On the right is my trusty GTS450 wich was my first gaming graphics card. I got that one for 30€. I had it befor I bought the R9 290 and got back at it after the R9 290 broke. Now I might use it for a media PC or lan party PC.


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