As I got more experienced in electronics, the idea came up to have sort of a portable lab in my backpack. Some screwsrivers and pliers, a multimeter, lan cable etc. But one thing was rather hard to find, a good portable soldering iron. 
A friend of mine had bought the TS100 battery powered soldering iron form Banggood. Od course I tried it and then I had to get it. It was perfect for my purpose to use it in the portable lab. Small enough to fit easy in the backpack and can be powered by anything between 12-24V and what was maybe the most important, for 50€ it s a good price. So I ordered it with two weeks shipping on Banggood. 
As soon as it arrived I put it to test. I used a modified ATX power supply to power it. Even at 12V it did heat up quite fast and had enough power to solder thick copper wire. Perfect if you have only a small spot were you can do your soldering or you want always something to solder with you. I bought it for the latter. As mobile power supply I use a Zippy 3Ah 4S battery.
As in every soldering iron the solder tips are important. The one that comes with the TS100 is but it is a conicla tip. I don't like those tips. Fortunately you can get TS100 tips for 10€ a piece, so I bought a different one with what I can solder better. 
Connecting it to a PC you can modifie different parameters simply in a textfile, such a maximum temparature or idle temp. Speaking of which, if you put the iron down it detects that and goes into idle mode to save some lifetime of the iron. It also as a earth tap on the backend on the iron were also the 5.5*2.5mm DC connector is.
The processor in the TS100 is overkill. Its some STM32 chip.


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