Belkin Surgemaster vs APC PM1W-GR

Since my lab equipment and my PC got more expensive, I wanted to know it protected when there is a thunderstorm outside and I'm not home to unplug my stuff from the wall outlet. 
So I did a bit of research (turns out later it wasn't enogh) and found the Belkin Surgemaster. It had a decent equipment protection policy but I dindn't find much more information. Some days after I got the I did some additional research only to read that apparently the protection policy is only valid in Germany. In addition I found a short thread on the EEVblog forum mentioning Belkin as not to be the best choice for a surge protector and that APC was better. I did my research and found that APC is considered to be better than Belkin and also has a higher value to which they pay you back in case the surge protector doesn't work. It's 50k€ to 15k€ compared to the Belkin. So APC must be very confident about theyer product and that it will protect your stuff. I read that they also use better components and build theyre surge protectors with internal explosion shields to prevent exploding MOV's from escaping the chassis and start to burn something.
But I can say something about the Belkin. It's pretty shit. There is only a MOV with a thermal fuse. Thats it, nothing more. The Brennenstuhl has better protection than that thing...

I managed to get open the APC PM1W-GR and it looks so much better than the Belkin piece of shit. There is a EMI filter included, it can handle higher energy discharge and also has blast shields and two thermal fuses!! All that for the same price of around 10€.


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