About me

First things first:

I was baptized Tobias.
I live in a region in the north of Italy, in witch the majority of the population speaks German and I'm part of it. Of course I'm speaking Italian too, but not as good as I'm speaking German.

I was born in 1993, and after I finished school, I'm studying Electronic Engineering.


This page is dedicated to my biggest hobby electronics. I work with vacuum tubes and semiconductors. Now I work much more with semiconductors, then before. But still, from time to time I use vacuum tubes in projects. That's wy I'm caught between past and future :D.

I started with this hobby in 2006 ca. My dad repaired old tube radios and I used to watch him while he was doing that. I was so fascinated by it and it came how it had to come, he introduced me into electronics. My first circuit I ever build was a blinking device and I was very proud of it. Then I build some high voltage devices, radio and amplifiers. But nothing worth to mention. 2010 I found out about the electron tube. I'm quite good at working with them but I have explored only a little part of this big world. There's still to learn the theory behind the tubes. Only practice isn't enough ;) .

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Hope you enjoy this page and maybe some who are visiting let themselves convince to start with electronics(electron tubes).





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